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Aircraft Hangar Doors

Aircraft Hangar Doors

Aircraft Hangar Doors

LID doors are designed for this type of shipyard, military airport hangar doors and aircraft hangars. Doors with no limits in size are applied to every space. It is projected, drawn and priced according to the width and height you need.

The motorized aircraft hangar door can be produced as a single piece or can be designed as a multi-piece. Military aircraft hangar doors are used especially in very large transition areas, aircraft hangars, military aircraft hangars, production facilities and recycling facilities. Large fold-up PVC fabric mega hangar doors are ready for all security systems. We can produce transparent windows with windows in the desired color.

Thanks to its unique design, it is highly resistant to wind. In this case, the parts can be used individually or all at the same time. This provides flexibility in use and allows it to be produced in unlimited sizes. One of the biggest problems encountered especially in the shipyard and aviation industry is the covering of the facades of large-span aircraft hangar buildings, which require significant shipping volume, to protect them from external factors. It is known that non-durable products such as folding fabrics and temporary walls are used in such structures, which significantly increases time and cost. At this point, LID can produce large hangar doors that can operate manually with human power or mechanically with engine power. Doors designed according to the purpose of use of the building and customer demand, without worrying about size, bring great convenience to business owners.

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What are the usage areas of Aircraft Hangar Door?

There is no limit to the width for the aircraft PVC fabric folding doors. They can be designed with folding guides according to any desired size. It is preferred for aircraft and helicopter maintenance hangars, shipyards, tram-trambus maintenance stations, wide-span maintenance and protection hangars.

What are the features of PVC Fabric fold up Aircraft Hangar Door?

It prepares special designs in accordance with the needs of its customers, designs, manufactures, implements and serves the up-fold PVC fabric aircraft hangar doors according to regional durability calculations.

It is used in production facilities, aircraft hangars, shipyards and recycling facilities thanks to its high usage performance compatible with all kinds of industrial environments. The most distinctive features of the door system are that it takes up the least space in the assembly areas of the door and allows you to use your door passage to the maximum.

What are the equipment of Shipyard doors?

The equipment of the up-fold PVC fabric aircraft hangar doors is the rope break safety system, two motors, two rope drums, one control unit.

How long is the production time of PVC Fabric fold up Aircraft Hangar Door?

Production times of up-fold PVC fabric aircraft hangar doors are 45-50 days. Depending on the intensity of the factory, this period can be up to 60 to 90 days.

How much do PVC Fabric fold up Aircraft Hangar Door cost?

Since up-fold PVC fabric aircraft hangar doors are special projects, their prices vary according to each project, so the price of hangar doors is not certain.

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